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Enemy Squad

Review 08/13/98 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At Tramps in NYC (with Morris Day & The Time) I could not wait till Friday Night, August the 14th to check out some serious FUNK. Thus, I came to New York City a day early, just to see The Time. Well, I found out at the last minute that Enemy Squad was opening for The Time and I said "COOL!" The place was crowded as people were waiting for the super-heavy funk of Enemy Squad. At 9:20pm, Enemy Squad hit the stage and rocked the house with a little taste of Funkadelic's "Butt-To-Butt Resuscitation", seguing into "Millennium"....funky shit for the next millennium!! They really surprised me when they performed a little bit of Parliament's "I've Been Watching You (Move Your Sexy Body)". "Love War" sounded very, very good but not as intense as they performed it in previous shows. I really miss the ultra-funky "Sticky Liquid Funk"......"I wanna go home, take me home! I wanna go home, take me home!" A rapper joined the band to pump up the audience and have everyone yell "Stupid" when he said "Time to get....." ("When I say 'time to get', y'all say 'stupid'......time to get....STUPID!....time to get.....STUPID!" Also, Joseph "Amp" Fiddler (a/k/a "Mr. Fiddler") was the featured keyboardist! The Enemy Squad song listing is: Butt-To-Butt Resuscitation/Millennium Swamp Thang We're On Sum Other Shit Work That Sucker To Death/I've Been Watching You United State of Mind Slide (originally by Slave) Anti-Prozac Baby Prankster Boogie If It Fits (Do You Swear It?) Love War Enemy Squad left the stage at 10:25pm. It was a long, long wait till The Time started at 11:05pm. The band took to the stage, followed by Jerome Benton and Morris Day. The crazy duo were up to their usual hilarious antics, including the mirror routine and Morris combing his hair. The Minneapolis band performed 80 minutes worth of non-stop funkatized-to-the-1000th-power shit, including a 10-minute encore performance. The band also included Monte Moir and Jellybean Johnson. Morris Day asked the audience, "Hey, New York.....y'all got my motherfuckin' back?!" And we answered, "YEAH!!!" Then, Morris replied, "Well alright then......I know that 99.9% of y'all said "yes"....but in case you didn't...........YOUR MAMA!!!" The audience was jamming to the smash tunes "The Walk", "Ice Cream Castles", "My Drawers", "The Bird", and "777-9311". "Cool" sounded C-O-O-L as ever! At the end of the set (before the encore), Jerome pushed the audience into making more noise to bring the band back to the stage. The band returned without Morris, so Jerome pushed the audience into chanting Morris's name.......Morris finally appeared for one last song, "Jungle Love". The Time's song set listing: Get It Up 777-9311 Cool Girl Wild & Loose The Stick My Drawers Fishnet Gigolos Get Lonely Too Ice Cream Castles The Walk The Bird Jungle Love (ENCORE song) The Time finished up at 12:25am.

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